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Increase Your Happiness & Dieting is Easier

I know, who would believe such a thing, but it’s true.

Dieting is all about making the right choice in the right moment.

If you want to learn how to increase your daily happiness and see if it impacts your ability to make healthy choices when you would normally turn to off-plan foods, then this 5-day workshop is for you.

Best of all. It’s Free!

I have been helping women lose weight for 14 years at Raw Food Boot Camp. My own personal goal is to move past personal coaching and bring all I have learned to all who will listen.

All diets work in their own way if we stick to them. And there lies the problem. We give up on them and prefer to make poor choices so we can actually get out of sticking to them.

Come join Carlene for 5 days and explore if upping your happy also ups your weight loss.

Where: Here at Thin Brain Training

When: Oct 7th through Oct 11th

Time: No set time, we work in forums with attached audios.

Cost: Free with no obligation to sign up for anything else. No credit card info, nothing.

What do you get:

  • 5 Days of Audios
  • 5 Days of Group Discussions lead by Carlene

Carlene wants to expand her brand and build a following. Expect a few more of these free trainings through 2019.

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