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Accountability the Best Tool for Weight Loss

Accountability is the Best Tool for Weight Loss

I know, no one likes to share their weight loss journey. I’ve been there. I get it. But I have experienced for myself and for others that being accountable to others is the best tool for weight loss.

Sure, when we lose weight we do like to let people know. “Hey friend, I’ve dropped 20 lbs this summer.” But that’s a brag, not using that friend as a tool to stay on your plan, daily.

My Story

When I lost my 136 lbs, I was working with other women on a forum and keeping a journal on that website. Because I was so successful, I grew a following of woman that would respond to my daily journal entries. I admit I found the diet I was doing easy and was hell-bent on getting up that mountain, but I had my days when I just wanted to throw it all away and eat pizza or chips.

Why didn’t I? Because of my followers. If I broke my plan, I would either need to lie to them, which wasn’t an option, or I could let them down. I didn’t want to let them down. Their support and excitement fulfilled a need for being cheered on. That choice, to lie or disappoint, kept me from giving in and eating off-plan foods.

Best tool for weight loss Carlene used was personal accountability

It was because of the power of accountability that when asked to start a support program, I added daily accountability to it. While I moved on from Raw Food Boot Camp, I still incorporate accountability in all of my programs. In my mind, it is the best tool for weight loss.

How to Become Accountable

Of course, you could join one of my programs and I would hold you accountable daily.

If you’re losing on your own, do what I did.

Find someone who will let you call or text them daily with your stats.

I called my sister every day when I reached the top of my mountain. If I didn’t call her each day, she called and asked me why I hadn’t gone out that day. I used that call each day as a break before heading down the mountain.

Believe it or not, I still tell her each day what I did for exercise. Of course, now it’s to get her motivated as I add to each daily text: what will you do today for your health. She just laughs at me as she refuses to exercise. But it is a help to me because if she doesn’t hear from me, she does ask. That’s almost 15 years of using her for accountability. Yes, yes, she’s a great sister. Hmm, so maybe my sister is my best tool for weight loss or rather maintenance.

Join a support forum where you enter your daily stats

As I mentioned, that’s what I did. But you need to be there daily and create your own following.  You have to get that sense of commitment to those followers so you wouldn’t lie to them or let them down.

Use a tracking app

There are plenty out there, do some research and find one that will track food and exercise. It’s up to you to stay accountable to yourself. I do believe people are better tools, but if you don’t want to use people find an app and then make yourself stay accountable.

The Truth

Almost everyone hates dieting. Face it, we do our best to get out of it. When others are watching and not being critical, just watching, our ability to force ourselves to fight harder to stay on our plans increases substantially.

Find a way to be accountable. In my opinion, it is the best tool for weight loss.