Coach Carlene has been helping obese women shed their fat suits since 2005. While her diet plans are for fast weight loss which is what most obese women need to succeed, she has learned that the food itself is not the battle. The battle with weight loss is all about dedication, commitment, and want. It’s about outsmarting our fat brains and developing thin ones. That’s not to say we will ever be like our naturally thin sisters who can eat whatever they want. It means that we can learn to take control, to take responsibility and finally win our battle with obesity.

It takes hard work and practice. Thin Brain Training offers single podcasts, podcasts series and podcast workshops free to anyone who wants them. They are all based on how Carlene runs her online Fast Weight Loss Boot Camps. Each workshop and podcast is about how to outsmart your fat brain so you can start building a thin brain to keep you thin and healthy for life.


Let's Get This Weight Loss Journey Going

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