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Think of this as Thin Brain Training’s Quora Q&A. Ask questions regarding dieting, thin brain training, meditation, mindfulness, self-esteem, exercise, fast weight loss, anything that pertains to finding peace with our weight, food, well-being.

Some of your questions may get turned into FAQs on our wiki pages.

Questions will not appear until they are manually approved. Give up to 48 hours for an answer from Carlene. Only relevant questions will be answered and posted. Questions with multiple typos, over PG 13 language, links, intolerance, political or religious content will be deleted.

We are about living healthy and changing our mindset on how to live in a world full of cravings, fast food, and quick fixes.

Carlene is not a medical, mental health or nutrition professional. All answers are her opinion and should be taken as such. She will not answer questions she is not qualified to answer.