Free Workshop May 17 – May 31

Taking Application through May 10th


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Do you have nutritional health needs that each doctor or diet you check out tells you something different? Want to figure out what you truly need for your specific health? Come join me, Coach Carlene, in a free workshop to research, collaborate, and create the right diets for each specific person.

It’s not Carlene doing the research for you, but a workshop to help you find the right answers by researching creditable resources.

On May 17th, I  am offering a free workshop for 5 to 10 participants who are willing to put in the time and effort to research the correct foods for their personal health.

This is based on my need to find the right diet for my brother who has been diagnosed with an incurable lung disease. The aim is to find what foods will help give him the best chances for a longer quality life in the time he has left.

I believe in the power of food. Not that it’s a cure-all or magic pill, but that through a proper whole foods diet we can strengthen our bodies so each part of us is able to give its best to help fend off what is debilitating our health.

Each person has their own personal health issues. Our goal in this workshop is to research the best and worst foods for your body, your whole body. Taking all ailments into consideration.

If you’re a diabetic with PCOS and RA you will need to know what foods are best and worst for your diabetes or borderline diabetes, which benefit and hurt PCOS and which are good and bad for RA. Then we will go through these foods and put together our own personal food lists of what to eat and what to avoid for best health. We don’t want to eat something on the best for RA list if it’s on the bad for diabetes list or vise versa. Or do we? We will talk those types of dilemmas out and each person will make the right choice for them.

For my brother, I will be researching ILD, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and belly fat. He has no gall bladder. He needs to lose 40-60 lbs to be eligible for a lung transplant. He will be on medications that affect what and how he eats. These medications are harmful to his liver and kidneys. So he will need foods that protect and keep these organs healthy. His wife who prepares his food will have to be on board and has her own issues like asthma and Parkinsons disease.

My research won’t cure him, but if he takes care of his body nutritionally and gives it the best health he can get, his body gets stronger and can fight harder.

Food does not replace doctor-prescribed meds. We aren’t talking supplements or alternative health treatments like acupuncture (which I am talking him into doing). We are only talking food in this workshop.

The goal is to build the best nutritional approach based on the actual body and what it’s going through.

If you want to join me to do this for yourself or someone you love, please fill out the application below and submit it. Just know it will require research which means time and your desire to dig down and not just accept what’s out there but know it’s reputable and true.

We are going to look for solid research to prove our food choices. Not just any google lookup. We will cross-reference our individual finds, talk about the info we gather, find good sources and put together highly dependable food lists.

When we are done with that. If, like for my brother, weight loss is also needed we will tweak the diets for weight loss speed needed. My brother has a couple of years before he will be eligible for a transplant that requires a non-obese BMI range. He doesn’t need fast weight loss to lose his 40-60 lbs, just nice steady weight loss.

For my brother to accept a diet I create for him, it will need to be full of foods he and his wife will like to eat and explanations why he may need to give up foods they love. They also enjoy restaurants. That too has to be taken into consideration. They have opted to sell their home and spend the next few years while he can still manage on the road. That has to be taken into consideration.

No diet works the same for everyone. Some have allergies, some foods cause digestive distress even in healthy people. This is going to be comprehensive so be ready to debate things, look things up by more than one reliable reference and know what your own personal truths are when it comes to food.

I always say ice cream killed my father. He, as a diabetic, refused to give it up regardless of how his health failed. My brother has stated he will not follow my dad’s example. He agrees he has to make changes to maintain a quality of life for as long as he can and will do what’s right. But he’s a meat and potato kind of guy. I can’t hand him a vegan diet and expect him to follow it no matter how much data there is to prove its worth.

Our goal is to be smart about what we create. No diet is worth the program it’s written in if the person doesn’t follow it.

If you want to work with me, fill out the form below and submit it. This is not a one-day type of workshop. My plan is we work together for at least two weeks as we gather and share our data and where it came from. No supplements, superfoods, or alternative health methods. It’s only about whole foods we can get from the grocery store. I’m not saying these other methods are bad, just that it’s not what we’re looking at in these workshops.

This is a workshop, do not expect me to do your research for you.

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