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Happiness As a Dieting Aide

Free Happiness Workshop – 5 Days Online

Dates: Nov 11 – Nov 15, 2019

Cost: Free

Led By: Weight Loss Coach Carlene Jones

Location: Thin Brain Training Website in Forum

Includes: 5 Daily Audios and Discussions with Carlene & Group

There must be at least 5 participants for this program to run

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From Carlene

Happiness seems like a strange subject for a weight loss program. But, when I think about what is the thing I believe in most it always comes back to this.

All my life, I have believed we all deserve to live happy lives. Yes, it’s not something most believe is attainable or sustainable, but I have always held this concept dear. When it came to obesity, I found obesity stole from my happiness and maybe that is why I have been so adamant about helping obese women break this problem in their lives and why it hurts so much to see them chose obesity over retraining their brains.

This free program explores how happiness affects weight loss. If we are happier in our lives, how much easier is it to eat right and exercise and how willing are we to work for happiness in chaotic stressful busy lives.

Negativity and venting won’t be part of this. We won’t be talking about all the ways you are unhappy, we will only look for ways to make happiness a part of your life today. You can choose your own diet and exercise regimen or none at all. I’m not interested in how much you lose, but if living a happier life makes better choices easier.

It will be for just 5 days. It is free. No photos needed, but I do expect a commitment of you being part of the program daily. Of adding your input and sharing your experience. Because it definitely distracts from my happiness when people sign up for things then bail on us halfway through. It’s just a 5 day commitment. If you don’t have time to give in these 5 days, please don’t sign up.

Happiness Workshop Explained

The goal of this program is to get you to reset your goals and to look more inward when making choices. To always ask yourself regardless of the choice, how will this affect my overall happiness. In-the-moment gratification may feel good in the moment, but it steals from us. So we always have to look forward more to what really matters. Being thin and healthy for most isn’t enough.

We need bigger dreams, somthing that reminds us each day that the choices we make are worth it.

Granted not all decisions have anything to do with life goals. Like doing the dishes, something I hate to do… or does it? The question becomes not whether to do the dishes or not but whether a clean kitchen affects my happiness and makes me more productive. Which is always yes, so I go do the hated chore because the outcome betters my life. I hope that makes sense.

In these 5 days, I want us to examine how making choices based on what makes us happy in the long run changes our choices when it comes to health.

We will be doing the following each day.

  1. Meditation/Prayer. This is not faith-based, it is not the monk type of meditation where we clear our minds. It is not prayer where we ask for help from a divine source. It is a meditation of self. We will start each day granting peace, gratitude and forgiveness to ourselves and those in our lives and the world, then we will spend time seeing ourselves three years ahead and where we want to be in each aspect of our lives. We will do this daily and first thing each morning so we start each day with our mind set on what is important to us. Plan about 15 minutes a day for this.
  2. We will start each morning with positive affirmations to remind ourselves we are worthy of change and happiness. You can do this while getting dressed. “I am strong. I am powerful. I am a motivator. I invoke change in others. I am a wonderful mother, partner, daughter. I am beautiful inside and out.” etc. You will choose your own.
  3. Throughout the day we will counter anything negative with positive self-talk. The minute your head voice says or thinks anything negative you will counter it with something positive, out loud so your voice head is drowned out.
  4. We will forgive all who frustrate and anger us and let those emotions go. This may be the hardest thing to do. But it is essential to living a happier life. We’ll talk a lot about how to do this.
  5. To be happy you must spread happy. We will work on smiling more. Giving more. Open more doors for others, let them ahead of you, listening to them.

I am sure as we progress we will find other ways to enforce happiness on ourselves so we can benefit from the outcome of a more balanced emotional life and one where we make much better choices.

The hardest thing will be not reacting to life, but to take a breath and be silent.

I know this all sounds a little woo hoo, but finding peace within allows us to make better choices and live better lives. And yes, I believe if we are at a better place in our lives, that will translate to making healthier food and exercise choices which will affect our ability to do the diet we need to do to be thin and healthy.

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