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Private One-On-One With Carlene

Private One-on-One with Carlene

Cost: $149 per month no photos required $358 for 3 months

Start Date: New starts every Monday morning

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What you get:
  • Your own private log with Carlene to discuss how you’re doing daily.
  • Monday through Friday audios based on needs of all private clients.
  • Monday weigh ins if you choose weight loss as your primary reason for joining

I’ve been dreaming about this. I woke up the other morning knowing how important it is for women to create their best diet first before even trying to lose weight.

Crazy right?

I know, everyone wants weight loss and they want it now… Or so they tell me.

Once the diet fatigue sets in or an emotion hits or there’s an outing, all those great all or nothing plans turn into nothing.

For years I tried to promote Find Your Perfect Diet, but few were interested. It was Rawk Starz Diva all the way, 100 lbs in 7 months or bust. And while many hit that goal, most did not and bust it was!

Of those that lost the 100 lbs, many gained it back.

We are doing this all wrong ladies.

I thought if I could get you to dig deep and change at the inner core and abolish bad food habits, emotional eating and thinking food was the end all of happiness, it would help. But few are interested in those type of mind shifts.

So what can I do to help? I know the misery of being overweight, of being obese. I understand the fear and confusion of health issues. I get the stigma of being on the outside when everyone eats what they want and you’re chomping on fruit or salad.

Instead of seeing our weight as one aspect of our lives, it is the consuming force even when we’re not dieting. It’s even worse then because we constantly hear that little voice saying, “I’ll start tomorrow…I shouldn’t eat that…what will my friend think when she sees me at this weight?”

We’re consumed by our weight, but dieting is dreaded and hated. The one thing we are always willing to put off.

What if I could help you design a diet that works for you in your life. Not a named diet, not an ist or ism anywhere near it. But one where we look at how you would eat to maintain your favored weight once you reached it.

What are your needs?

Health issues have to be at the top of the list.

  • Diabetics can’t eat lots of carbs or sugars
  • Those with autoimmune disease should give up nightshades
  • Is your arthritis bothering you? Then anti-inflammatory foods are your friend.

…and the list goes on for both current health issues and projected ones.

We’ve all eaten for health, but we’ve done the strict, prison way. We may believe in it, like the effects of say a vegan diet, but we’ve never been able to embrace it wholly so it became part of who we are rather than our current “diet.”

And what if you did embrace it? Say you’re vegan, but an obese vegan or an unhealthy one. We can work with that through discovery and trial and error. And maybe some compromises to ensure your health.

We have to look at the whole of us. How we live. What satisfies us, what tempts us beyond our resolve, what we need and don’t need for our health and how we want to travel and socialize with food.

We can’t just look at the staples, we have to look at the whole picture. We have to be truthful with ourselves as to what we will do for the life we want. Trust me, rarely is that truth living in food prison. But it cannot be open buffet either.

We still have to understand correct portions, not eating over emotions, when to say no and that’s enough. We do have to develop a thin brain, or rather a healthy, happy brain.

In this Private One-on-One with Carlene, you will have to be willing to work with me to design the perfect diet for you. That means honesty, some research, experimenting with choices, living your life so you aren’t always thinking of how to escape dieting and exercise.

I’m tired of watching women give up because they chose fast weight loss on a diet they can’t sustain. Then instead of being open to a diet and mindset they can sustain, give up and disappear.

While I offer a Fast Weight Loss RFBC Style, all or nothing has done few of us any good.

Let’s wake up to the idea that if we eat for health and happiness we will feel better and once we feel better we can tweak for weight loss and add weight loss exercise.

You must be open-minded to the truth that will work for you. That’s not to say you can’t do a few weeks of fast weight loss, sure you can, but the minute you can’t you have to commit to telling me and working toward a plan you can live on for life that will let you happily maintain your weight and let life, not dwelling on everything you can’t eat, be the consuming thoughts of your day.

Just think, imagine if you had found a way of eating that satisfied you and didn’t cause misery and despair way back when you first learned of RFBC and me. What if you had stuck to it for all the time you’ve known me, even at a pound or half a pound a week weight loss, where would you be now weight-wise? Healthwise? Happy wise?

Few can take fast weight loss all the way. I’m done with trying to force women to stick to a stringent plan of food and exercise and see them not lose weight. Watch them rebel, and then have them disappear only to come back months later to try the same thing again with the same results.

This is the doable alternative.

I want to make a difference. I want to see success in your lives. I have a lot of wisdom to share. Experiences, empathy, knowledge. If you want to honestly work with me on a day to day basis to achieve the health, weight and happy you deserve, then I’m here to help. I will even help you research what foods and exercises are best for you. And of course, help you through your individual struggles with food.

So many of you are part of my life and I think about you often wishing I could convince you there is a way and it doesn’t have to be a miserable arduous journey. It can be a welcome adventure you look forward to each day.

To work with me, click here and use this sign up form:

All starts are on Mondays, start weight is required, daily contact is required while developing the diet, then after we have established your great diet we will start weigh ins and accountability.

If you just want to find and do a diet that helps you ease your health issues, that is great with me too. We will research that together and find what you can do to get the best results. No weigh-ins, just research, trial and error.

If you just want to work on your food issues and develop a thin brain without the weigh-ins I’m good with that too.

I’m even good if you just want to get out of a rut and need someone to give a helping hand or kick in the butt.

I have one objective to helping women. I want you to wake up each morning happy to start a new day as the woman you are.

If you want to work with me. Work with me. If you just want to keep doing what you’ve always done without resolving anything, then I’m not the coach for you.

Remember though, I’m not a medical, mental health or nutritional professional, just a woman who’s worked with other women going on 15 years now and can’t seem to stop believing all women have the right, ability and responsibility to live their best lives possible and if I can help I want to.

You are my passion, my career and my future. I look forward to being part of your journey.