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Stop Impulse Eating Workshop


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In this workshop, Carlene will work with you in a group and individual setting. Our objective is to go a full five days without giving into any impulses, whether eating or running in the street after a ball.

There will be five audios and five discussions and the ability to ask Carlene private questions. We will discuss the reasons behind why we give in to impulses and forget our dreams and goals. We will examine why we can stop inappropriate impulses with almost everything other than food and not getting in our daily exercise. We will work on strategies to stop ourselves from giving into in-the-moment impulses. And we will practice the art of pausing and responding to impulses rather than acting on them.

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By joining this program you acknowledge that Carlene is not a medical, mental health or nutritional professional. All advice given is from her experience as a weight loss coach for obese women and should be taken as an opinion and not professional instruction. You are always responsible for your choices.

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