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Fast Weight Loss Raw Food Boot Camp Style

Fast Weight Loss Raw Food Boot Camp Style

You must need to lose a minimum of 40 lbs to join

New Starts Every Monday Morning

$149 per month no before and afters required

$358 for 3 months no before and afters required.

Fast Weight Loss Raw Food Boot Camp StyleThis program is designed like Carlene’s original Raw Food Boot Camp, except it allows other fast weight loss diets. Carlene is back to her drill sergeant ways. The rules here are strict.

  • You follow your Carlene approved diet to the teach and every day.
  • By the end of the first month, you need to be at 2 hours of walking a day in the 135-150 heart rate zone. Click here to read Carlene’s advice on Walking for Weight Loss with tips on how to get to the 2 hours.
  • You track your food in a nutritional database of choice daily.
  • You fill out an accountability form each day and show the food and exercise to Carlene in that form.
  • You participate in our daily discussion daily.
  • If you choose our shared photo option, you start photos must be in by the first Wednesday of your first week.
  • This is a blinders on. No excuses. No days off program. It is Carlene at her toughest.
  • If you disappear for 3 or more days without contacting Carlene you will be dropped from the program and forfeit your membership fee.
Diets Allowed:

Carlene’s Rawk Starz Diet click here to see the diet and restrictions

The Plant Paradox Keto Diet click here to see diet with 1200 calories a day.

If you have a fast weight loss diet you would like to do you have to pass it by Carlene before joining. Fasting is not allowed. Juice cleanses are not allowed. No cleanses are allowed. You can’t live on protein powders or fake food.

  • It must be a whole foods diet. No junk food at all.
  • Sodium limited to that found in whole foods.
  • 1200 Calories a day is mandatory.
What you get:
  • Fast Weight Loss!
  • Monday – Friday Audios
  • Daily Group Audios
  • Daily Accountability with Carlene
  • Unlimited Access to Carlene via email


This program is limited to 3 months per year. It is meant to give you a big starting loss, but then even if you want to continue eating and exercising for fast weight loss, you must move over to our Thin, Healthy and Happy program to learn to change behavior and mindset.

Fast Weight Loss is great, but if you can’t keep the weight off, it’s a waste of time.

To Join for the next start, click here

Questions or concerns? Email Carlene

All programs are done on-line via emails, forms and forums. Because of this, there are no scheduled times. We have members from Canada to Australia.

If Fast Weight Loss RFBC Style isn’t for you, click here to learn about our Thin, Healthy & Happy program.