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Step 1: Thin Brain Training For Weight Loss

What is Step 1: Thin Brain Training for Weight Loss

It’s about developing a thin brain, about learning where your strengths and weaknesses are as a dieter and exerciser. Join me and I will share with you all the lessons I learned working with obese women over the past 14 years. I will help you find the right diet and exercise plan that fit your psyche, body and metabolism.

Listen to Carlene explain this program to you:

New Start Every Monday Morning

Full Membership – Daily Access to Carlene

$99 per month with shared photos

$149 per month with no photo option

Group Only – No Access to Carlene

$39 per month with shared photos

$89 per month with no photo option

Are you sick and tired of starting diets then quitting before you hit goal or worse gaining the weight back months later?

Then join Carlene and work to develop thin brain thinking. Instead of always fighting your fat brain, we will build and strengthen a thin brain. Instead of feeling defeated we will celebrate accomplishments in thinking. The diet is your choice. The exercise is your choice. Weight loss speed is your choice. Of course, Carlene will help you with those choices by keeping you grounded to truths based on you as an individual.

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This is not a quick fix program. It is designed for sustainability with the diet of your choice so you get to goal and then keep the weight off.

In this program, you will work on long term motivation and success. For years, Carlene has watched women come to her for help to lose weight and then around their 3rd of 4th week, despite their success, they disappear. Or it’s near the end of the 3rd month or early 4th month. They may have lost 50-70 lbs and the success isn’t enough to overwrite their desire to eat foods that made and kept them heavy. They give up and disappear.

We tire of dieting. We hit dieting fatigue. To combat this, in the Thin Brain Training program, you will work with Carlene on building a diet you can sustain, of your choosing, while working on the underlying issues that allow you to sabotage your hard work. We will work on things like impulse eating, procrastination, emotional eating, and overcoming past pains and fears.

What You Get:

  • Monday thru Friday podcasts from Carlene
  • Monday thru Friday group work based on the podcast.
  • Private access to Carlene via email to work through issues too private to share with the group.
  • You will work in a group setting to expose dieting mythos, self-manipulation, and the fallacy of the I don’t care excuse and many others.

There is so much more to losing weight, maintaining it, and living healthy than just food and exercise. They are the tools. We are the ones wielding those tools. We need to strengthen our thin brains to use those tools wisely and easily.

Requirements & A Deeper Understanding of this program:

  • You must be willing to work on our assignments when it comes to discovering food issues and upping well-being. 
  • This program offers a one-click On Plan accountability form. If you went off plan there is a comment box to let Carlene know what’s going on.
  • You must be willing to regularly participate every Monday thru Friday as long as you’re part of the program. If you have a vacation planned, or will be out of town during the first month, do not apply to this program. Carlene takes commitment seriously.
  • You must be willing to work on methods to alleviate stress and anxiety in your life. Carlene is not a therapist, so all work done is based on what she has done in her own life and has learned from others. There is no psychoanalyzing, no brainwashing or trying to get you to buy into some philosophy or spiritual awareness, self-help or health crazed movement. It’s just about finding peace with your dieting and weight loss life and moving into a happier mindset full of positivity. No rainbow and roses, this is work.
  • You must be willing to stop any negative thoughts about yourself and even others and replace them with positive ones.
  • All healthy diets are welcome except starvation, juice fasting, any fasting except the occasional religious fasting. All diets must have a minimum of 1000 calories a day. No living on protein shakes or smoothies. You are here to develop a non-dieting life. Do a diet you believe in for more than weight loss. If you learn to make healthy choices and are doing a diet you believe you can live on for life, you will have lifelong success.
  • This program is not about quick weight loss. You can do a fast weight loss diet, but you must be willing to work on everything else as well.
  • You must be willing to ask Carlene for help when you struggle. She does not judge. Everyone struggles with long term weight loss.
  • There are no challenges in this program. Carlene discovered that the competitiveness of challenges is detrimental to many more than it helps.
  • Weigh-ins are on Mondays and Thursdays. This program is not a competition. It is about finding peace with what you have to do to become healthy, thin and feel really good about who you are.
  • There is a 5 day AWOL (away without leave) policy. That means you need to connect with Carlene and the group each week. Group discussion participation at least three times a week is mandatory. If you can’t seem to connect with others, email Carlene. Weigh ins are mandatory. Daily accountability on that simple easy form is mandatory. I hate that I have to put this rule in, but we tried it without it and people find that without it, it is too easy to mess up and disappear rather than being accountable and asking for help. Don’t be that person. 
  • There is a very strict No Refund policy. 
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Meet Kyla

Here’s what she says about her time in our TBT programs

Kyla started in Feb over at RFBC but then moved into the TBT program in March.

In the past, I have either been dieting and working hard to lose weight, or I have been gaining weight. There wasn’t ever any in between. And I always approached dieting with the same mentality: work hard and get this weight off ASAP!! There was never a lot of thought about after I reached my goal except that FINALLY, I’d look great in my clothes and FINALLY I’d get to eat that xyz food that I’d been thinking about while dieting—because I’d be THIN, I’d be CURED! Problem was, that until I tried RFBC (Raw Food Boot Camp), I never found anything that worked for weight loss and I never got very far. I also never learned any approaches to help with a healthy mindset. I did ALL of the dieting excuses and mistakes—I’d be off and on and start again Monday, make an excuse for every special occasion, etc. I didn’t know that it was possible to live differently.

The BIG difference this time (at TBT) is that I am approaching my diet as discovering a lifestyle and a new way of being and finding joy in whole foods, fruits and vegetables. I’m not sprinting to an endpoint or dreaming about forbidden foods. I’m not operating with a restrictive mindset, but feeling freedom in choosing the way I want to approach health and well-being for life. The idea of freedom and CHOICE are a big shift in mentality for me that have really helped me see things differently. Each day I am choosing what I want to eat and how I want to exercise to feel my best and nurture a healthy body. It makes me feel much more patient and a sense of peace.

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