Becoming Thin, Healthy and Happy

Next Start Date: March 30, 2020

Are you sick and tired of starting diets then quitting before you hit goal or worse gaining the weight back months later?


Then join Carlene and work for inner change while dieting. The inner work is not at the level of the Me I Want To Be program because we have to work on losing weight as well as subtle changes. But if you want to take your diet all the way to goal and keep it off, you have to work on yourself as well. We still work on finding peace with ourselves so making healthy choices becomes a given rather than a struggle.

There are two versions of this program. You will be put in the group that works best for you. There is fast weight loss where your intention is to lose 8 to 15 lbs a month with an all in Rawk Starz Diet. And there is a 5-8 lb a month group where you use the diet of your choice to lose slower.

Both groups require weigh ins every Monday and Friday. You will have the option of shared before and after photos or the no photo option.

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This is not a quick fix program. It is designed for sustainability with the diet of your choice so you get to goal and then keep the weight off. 

In this program, you will work on long term motivation and success. For years, Carlene has watched women come to her for help to lose weight and then around their 3rd of 4th week, despite their success, they disappear. Or it’s near the end of the 3rd month or early 4th month. They could have lost 50-70 lbs and then they are gone.

We tire of dieting. We hit dieting fatigue. To combat this, you will work with Carlene on building a diet you can sustain, of your choosing, and work on the underlying issues that allow you to sabotage your hard work. We will also do a lot of the same exercises as those in the The Me I Want To Be program, because the truth is, we need to be in a good place to make good choices.

Next Start Date: Dec 30, 2019

Cost: $149 per month with shared photos $199 per month with no photo option.

Location: Online at Thin Brain Training

Time: We have women from all over the world in many different time zones. We work in forums so you set your own time to participate.

Available Spots: 10 for each new 1st month start date.

Minimum Participants for program to be a go: 5

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What You Get:

  • Monday thru Friday podcasts from Carlene
  • Monday thru Friday group work based on the podcast.
  • Private access to Carlene via email to work through issues too private to share with the group.
  • The first month you work with Carlene and other newbies on identifying what has stopped you from being successful on previous diets, identifying food habits that need to change, and work with Carlene on developing your perfect diet not just for weight loss but for life.
  • After the first month, you join the others who have stayed for future months and daily we work on subtle changes to up our well-being, work on bad food habits and learn what we need to do to succeed.
  • After being in this program for 6 months and participating regularly, if you have made big strides in your weight loss and well-being, if you have shown to be a true team member and others see you as a mentor and motivator, you will have the ability to apply for a mentor position and earn your place in this program on a monthly basis free of charge. There will only be one or two mentorships available at a time, so mentors chosen are based on who Carlene feels agrees with or enhances what we are doing here and works well with others.

There is so much more to losing weight, maintaining it, and living healthy than just food and exercise. They are the tools, we are the ones weilding those tools. We need to strengthen our thin brains to use those tools wisely and easily.

The Me I Want to Be
On Your Own Programs

Requirements & A Deeper Understanding of this program:

  • You must be willing to work on our assignments when it comes to discovering food issues and upping well-being. 
  • This program offers a one-click On Plan accountability form. If you went off plan there is a comment box to let Carlene know what’s going on.
  • You must be willing to regularly participate every Monday thru Friday as long as you’re part of the program. If you have a vacation planned, or will be out of town during the first month, do not apply to this program. Carlene takes commitment seriously.
  • You must be willing to work on methods to alleviate stress and anxiety in your life. Carlene is not a therapist, so all work done is based on what she has done in her own life and has learned from others. There is no psychoanalyzing, no brainwashing or trying to get you to buy into some philosophy or spiritual awareness, self-help or health crazed movement. It’s just about finding peace with your dieting and weight loss life and moving into a happier mindset full of positivity. No rainbow and roses, this is work.
  • You must be willing to meditate daily about yourself and the person you want to be.
  • You must be willing to do daily affirmations, daily.
  • You must be willing to stop any negative thoughts about yourself and even others and replace them with positive ones.
  • If you believe you don’t have food issues or that you don’t want to follow us with these inner core changes, then this is not the program for you.
  • Again, this is not Raw Food Boot Camp. You are welcome to do raw, but Carlene is more interested in you finding peace with food, your weight, your life.
  • All healthy diets are welcome except starvation, juice fasting, any fasting except the occasional religious fasting. All diets must have a minimum of 1000 calories a day. No living on protein shakes or smoothies. You are here to develop a non-dieting life. Do a diet you believe in for more than weight loss. If you learn to make healthy choices and are doing a diet you believe you can live on for life, you will have lifelong success.
  • This program is not about quick weight loss. You can do a fast weight loss diet, but you must be willing to work on everything else as well.
  • You must be willing to ask Carlene for help when you struggle. She does not judge. Everyone struggles with long term weight loss.
  • There are no challenges in this program. Carlene discovered that the competitiveness of challenges is detrimental to many more than it helps.
  • Weigh-ins are on Mondays and Fridays. This program is not a competition. It is about finding peace with what you have to do to become healthy, thin and feel really good about who you are.
  • There is a 5 day AWOL (away without leave) policy. That means you need to connect with Carlene and the group each week. Group discussion participation at least three times a week is mandatory. If you can’t seem to connect with others, email Carlene. Monday weigh ins are mandatory. Daily accountability on that simple easy form is mandatory. I hate that I have to put this rule in, but we tried it without it and people find that without it, it is too easy to mess up and disappear rather than being accountable and asking for help. Don’t be that person. 
  • There is a very strict No Refund policy. 

What we will do the first month.

This program will utilize a lot of what Carlene has learned from her The Me I Want to Be program and what she knows about dieting.

This program is about training your thin brain while dieting and losing weight at a steady pace. It’s Carlene’s dream program. Change and beating obesity for life!

Week 1

As you start your diet we will cover all the types of foods that prevent weight loss so you are able to make solid choices on how you will eat on this program. No judgment on your diet type. Just know Carlene believes in a low fat, low sodium, low sugar whole foods plant-based diet.  She’ll support Keto and other diets and help you work through them for weight loss at the speed you need to stay motivated, but she won’t change her mind about whole food vegan being the best choice for health and weight management.

Submit your preferred diet and exercise program and you and Carlene will go through it optimizing it for best weight loss for you. This is a back and forth via emails. Be ready to work on tweaking your program. Don’t worry, Carlene won’t try and force her vegan choice on you. Each of us must believe in our diet choice to be able to do it well.

Carlene is not going to be the food police. She is here to motivate and help you through the struggles. She will not chase you down. She is there to help those who want her help.

Everyone must eat a minimum of 1000 calories a day. 1200 is recommended. No starvation diets.

Walking is the preferred method of exercise. In 14 years no other form of exercise has given the weight loss walking has. But in the end that is up to you.

Carlene will not be handing out diets or exercise. You will be bringing her the diet and exercise you believe are best suited for you and she will help you tweak them for the weight loss speed you need to stay motivated.

After the First Week Moving On…

After the first week, we will move on to support, accountability, breaking bad habits, emotional eating, all the obstacles that come along the way.

Each month you will work on two habits you want to break and two new habits you want to make.

But we will also be doing daily affirmations, working on positive thinking, adding some meditation/prayer to bring you into what Carlene believes is critical to long term loss and maintenance, faith in yourself. Believing you are worthy of what you are achieving, and stepping into a happier life by practicing the above to become the you you’ve always wanted to be.

I know that sounds a little much for some, but we have seen huge attitude shifts in those who practice daily affirmations and positivity. Dieting is easier when your mindset is happy and positive over always feeling deprivation and sacrifice.

After the first week, there isn’t much paperwork as such. Weigh ins are every Monday morning.

We will have a Monday thru Friday audio and discussion. You must participate at least three times a week to be in this program. If what you have to say is too private, you can email your input to me. There is a form to fill out each day to track if you were on plan in food and exercise. These forms go to Carlene, so when you go off plan and tell her why in the comment box offered, she will go over it with you.

You know how to lose weight. Now come join Carlene and learn how to take it all the way to goal and then keep it off!

There are no discussions or audios on weekends as history has shown few will participate. Weekends are a great time to catch up on everything. If you struggle over a weekend you can always email Carlene for support.

There are no challenges associated with this program. You come to learn and lose. Your reward is your health, well-being and pride.

This program is a Thin Brain Training Program. It is not a Raw Food Boot Camp program. 


For this program to be official, 5 members will have to join and have paid by midnight March 29th. If not enough join your money will be fully refunded on Dec 2nd and the program canceled.

You can earn free membership for this program!

Throughout 2020, if you bring a new to Carlene member to either this program or the Becoming Thin and Healthy in Body and Mind program, I will give you a coupon for 100% off your next The Me I Want to Be or Becoming Thin and Healthy in Body and Mind Program.

If your name is put on their contract as who they heard about us from and if they join either the Me I Want to Be or the Becoming Thin and Healthy in Body and Mind program, I will keep track of that and for every new to Carlene person who joins with your name as how they heard of us, I will send you that coupon code for 100% off your next membership fee.

If I’m going to pay people to get the word out about Thin Brain Training. I rather give it to you than Google or FaceBook.

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