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Preparing For Your Weight Loss Journey – Episode 1 – What You Want

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Transcript: Preparing for Your Weight Loss Journey – Episode 1 – Know What You Want

Hi, this is Coach Carlene over at Thin Brain Training with a new series to get you started with your new diet, your new phase of weight loss. But before you can jump into a diet, you need to do some prep work.  These next five podcasts are all about getting you ready to diet.

You’re thinking, no, I just read about this diet in a magazine or saw it on a YouTube video, and I’m going to go jump right in. Well, let me tell you that while that sounds wonderful, don’t do it. Instead, get ready, you need to be not just mentally prepared, but you need to be physically prepared to start any weight loss program. When people come to my Fast Weight Loss Boot Camp they show up and they say: Yes, I’ve read your whole website and I know what I’m doing. And then they come to day one. They’re like, Oh, I have to go shopping. I didn’t buy any food yet. Or Oh, yeah, I forgot to get these things that you insist on. And then they say, yeah, you know what, I got blisters really bad because I wasn’t prepared to do all that walking. And I’m always like, well, except you knew all of that. I have warned you about all that. And so their whole first week becomes all lopsided, and they don’t feel secure in what we’re doing.

It’s important to me that when you’re going to start a diet, you know that you are prepared for it. So in this five-day series we’re going to talk about what you need to know. Today we will cover the most important one which is why you really want to lose weight.

You think, oh, yeah, I don’t like being fat, I don’t want to be fat anymore. I want to be thin, I want new clothes and summers coming. And you may think those are all great ideas. But I’ll tell you the truth about them. They aren’t enough to get you the goal.

The second podcast in this series is going to be about your health. Many people don’t take into account their health needs when finding the right diet for them. But you need to look at health issues. You want to research what you need to know and what foods are good and bad for you. Based on your health issues. If you have no health issues then, maybe you don’t have to listen to the second podcast in the series. But if you do, it’s really important that you do the research.

On the third day of our podcast, we’re going to talk about picking the right diet. What diet is right for you. Not all diets suit all people. Over at Raw Food Boot Camp where I run my fast weight loss program, we offer four different diets, it used to be just the one diet that I used to lose my weight. But as things have come up, we found not everybody can do that diet but they still want fast weight loss.

You can still get fast weight loss if you choose a diet that works within who you are as a person. It still has to be strict with restrictions for fast weight loss. I have modified our diets to open them up to more selection. But you have to be open-minded with that as well.

So when you plan that diet, you will take your health into consideration and your psyche into consideration. Because you have to do something that you can sustain throughout the weight loss process. If you pick a diet you can’t sustain, you’re not going to do it very long and you’re not going to get to goal.

And then the our fourth day, we’re going to talk all about exercise. And I’m just going to tell you the truth that I found out through the 15 years I’ve been doing Raw Food Boot Camp and helping women lose weight fast. I talk about what works and what doesn’t. It’s not what you expect.

You know fitness coaches totally disagree with me, but I’m used to working with obese women. So it’s all gonna be based on the knowledge I’ve gained from working with the obese.

And then in the fifth podcast, we need to find support. Support is so important and many women are afraid to ask for support. So we’re going to talk all about how to find alternative methods of support so that when you start your program, you’re ready. You’re really ready. That you’ve thought it out, you know what you want, and you’re ready to go.

Now it’s may sound like a lot of work for five days, but it’ll be worth it for you because you’ll be on the right footing having built a solid foundation.

Today what I want to talk about is that what you know people always tell me:  I just want to be thin. I just don’t you know I want to be fit and healthy. I want to be pretty again. I want to look good in my clothes. Someone’s coming, winter’s coming, somebody wedding is coming. You know, I want to look good.

I’ll tell you the truth. If you’re just losing weight for a special event, and then don’t care if you gain the weight back, that’s great. But if you are trying to change your life, which hopefully you are, hopefully, when you come to Thin Brain Training it’s because you want to change. If you want to change your life, then you have to have a broader idea of what you want to do with that thin body. Because when people lose weight, and I hate to say that I’ve had this happen, often, people lose weight, and they get to goal, you know what they see, they see free food. They think, I’m thin, I can eat whatever I want, and they gain the weight back.

Only 5%, 5%, of obese women who lose the weight, keep it off. And if you want to be in that 5%, then you need to know what you’re doing and why it’s important to you. It could be your health, but then just saying it’s my health is not going to be enough. You have to want it for your children, for your family. Because one of the biggest excuses people come up with all the time is, well, I had to take my kids here, I couldn’t exercise because I had to run out and get cookies for a PTA meeting. We come up with all of these excuses and we refuse to prioritize ourselves, which is a whole other podcast.

Trust me, we give in too easily.

But if we have a want, a driving force of why it’s important for us to be thin, it’s easier to get there. It’s much easier to get there.

My story is, I found raw food, which was from a movie. I’ll talk about that when we get to emotions at some point. It was a sad movie. And in the outtakes, Woody Harrelson was telling his raw food chef to make a smoothie for Pierce Bronson.

It was the second time that week I heard about raw food. And I thought, Man, alright, maybe this might be one last chance, one last piece of hope. I found raw food and that really worked out well for me. But it doesn’t work out well for everybody. Not everybody can do what I did with the raw food. And I say the reason is because people forget how important it is to be healthy, to be thin and to have a life.

Being obese can curtail so many things in our lives. It keeps us from having the true joy in life that we all deserve. The biggest examples, I think, are when people don’t do things or are hesitant to do things because of the weight. I once drove all the way to Oregon for my sister’s birthday, because I didn’t want to fly and have to ask for a seatbelt extension. Back then they were also talking a lot about asking obese people to buy two tickets. And I just didn’t even want to face the thought of that. So I made plans not to fly, but to actually take a week to drive up to Oregon. And while everyone thought, Oh, how cool. She’s driving, she’s doing a road trip? No, it was all because I didn’t want to get on an airplane. That was the truth of it.

These truths were tough. My brother had a small plane, and he wanted to go on a trip to Alaska. He’s my best friend. I’m his best friend. He asked everyone but me to go with him. Finally he asked my brand new brother-in-law, at the time, if he wanted to go. I called him up. I said, Hey, what’s going on? I’m your first pick. I’m your best friend. Why aren’t you asking me? And his answer was: Sorry, sis, you weigh too much. You’ll up too much of the weight carrying capacity my plane has and I won’t be able to take enough gear with me. Talk about devastating.

My want wasn’t just about being thin. The want was based on realizing I was missing so much life because of my weight.

I’ve had women who told me that their children want to go to amusement parks, but they don’t take them because they won’t fit in the chairs. That metal bar that comes down hits their bellies and it won’t close. Or there are weight restrictions. Oh, so I have this story. It was horrible. When my children were young, we lived in California and we had a yearly pass to Universal Studios back when it was affordable. And they had this one show for ET with a bicycle. One member of the audience could ride over the moon like the kids did. There was a weight restriction on it. The guy would come up and say well, who wants to try it. There’s 180 pound weight restriction. And if you’re over, you will break the mechanism or whatever it was.

My kids always bugged me, Mom, do it, do it, do it. And I would say, Oh, no, I don’t want to do that. But the truth was, I knew how much I weighed. And I knew I couldn’t do it because of my weight. These are the types of things I’m talking about.

Being thin is great. But there has to be a reason that’s it’s important to you. Another example for me, it was around Halloween, and it was with my sister and her some day-to-be son-in-law. It was just before I found raw diet, the right diet for me. We we’re going through a corn maze or hay maze. And everybody was up ahead of me. The soon-to-be son-in-law came back to where I was. He says, Oh, Carlene, do you want me to wait for you? Are you okay? Are you going to make or do you need me to help you to get out of the maze? Oh, my God, I was mortified, just mortified that this is how my life was. And I was still in my early 40s. So it was like, No, I have to do it on my own.

These are the types of things that drove my want.

If you are not having the life you want, not going to places that you want to go and this urks you. Then make that your want. Or come up with deeper, more important reasons why losing weight is so important for you. You can’t forget those horid, humiliating, sad stories you have, because they need to inspire you, they need to get you up off your chair every day and go out and exercise.

You have to push yourself every day to become this woman or man that you want to be. You cannot sit still. You cannot say alright, well, I can take a day off. No, when you have a true reason. If you have a true desire not to be overweight or obese, it has to be deep in your core, it can no longer be, I just want to lose 10 pounds, if I could only lose 30 pounds, you know it has to be, I cannot be obese anymore. I cannot live this unhealthy life anymore. I don’t want to live this unhealthy life anymore. And then you’re going to get the motivation to get up and go. I’m not saying that motivation will last all the way through because it doesn’t. But it’s a start and to really lose weight, to really find your peace with food. And to come to terms with the fact that you have food issues that you are going to have to work on. Yes, for the rest of your life. You have to come to grips with why it’s so important for you to lose weight.

I had lots of reasons, lots of examples of life that I had given up because of my weight. And I was done. I was so done. I couldn’t take it anymore. I could not be obese anymore. And therefore I was ready, I was ready to lose the weight and not look back. And that’s where I want you to be before you start your next diet.

Alright, now, to look forward to the second podcast of the series, we will be talking about health issues and what you need to do to find the right foods for your health issues. Because people just don’t want to have to bother with food for health, but yet it can be very beneficial.

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