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What is Thin Brain Training?

Thin Brain Training is a Method to Lose Weight Without the Struggle

Thin Brain Training offers an innovative way to help those who struggle with weight loss come to terms with their body and metabolism. Our Thin, Healthy & Happy program doesn’t offer a specific diet. Instead, it helps you find the perfect diet that not only brings weight loss and health but brings sustainable maintenance as well.

Everyone is welcome regardless of healthy diet, current weight or time zone.

After 14 years of coaching the obese in fast weight loss over at Raw Food Boot Camp, Carlene has learned that while fast weight loss is important initially, few will sustain the diet needed to take it to goal and that for those that do, unless they change their underlying philosophies toward how they eat and exercise, the weight will return within the first year or two.

At Thin Brain Training, we take a different approach. A more holistic approach and by that I mean, we take into account the whole you, not just the dieting you.

How do we do that?

With Mindfulness

This isn’t spiritual mindfulness. Carlene isn’t a guru trying to start a movement. Her goals are the same as they have always been since she lost her weight in  2005: Help women beat obesity and live a happy healthy life

Diet and exercise are just tools for weight loss
Mindset is the driving force

Losing weight and keeping it off means tackling the inner you, building your self-confidence, prioritizing yourself by reassessing your true value to yourself and your family. It takes building up the courage to succeed and learning to accept failure as a positive. And it takes being able to turn off the negative chatter in your head and believe in yourself. It also takes time-management.

Work Daily With Carlene
New Start Every Monday Morning
$99 per Month

Thin Brain Training is about Learning to be Happy

Happiness is our right

Somehow as a society, we forgot this truth or declared it fake news

Face it, when we are unhappy we can’t diet. We throw up our arms and declare we just don’t care. But we all know that’s not true. The truth is we do care, we just don’t believe being thin and healthy is worth the effort. That we are worth the effort and struggle.

Thin Brain Training is about becoming happy so we are able to see and feel our self-worth and prioritize ourselves so we can diet with success.

When you think of it, what is one of the biggest draws on happiness for obese and overweight women? Their weight. The inability to stick to a diet long enough to reach their goal and even if they do, it’s the inability to keep the weight off. Our weight plagues us. It steals from us and consumes most of our waking day.

We run to diets that sound great and even work great for some, but they are too strict, too bad tasting, too well, uck! We hate dieting. Everyone does.

What if Instead…

we changed our inner outlook. Our inner dialog. What if through mindfulness we looked at ourselves and our lives with less doubt, self-criticism, and defeatism? Could we then sit back and have the weight loss happen more naturally?

Carlene believes the answer to that is a definite, yes!

With a short self-oriented meditation each day, daily affirmations, and a purposeful push toward positivity, we can up our happiness in everyday life and reap the benefits of living a calmer more balanced life. It is then when we feel good about ourselves that making the right choices regarding all aspects of our lives becomes easier, a given even. If we love ourselves we will take care of ourselves.

So How Woo Woo is This?

Not very at all!

There will be no rainbows, unicorns, crystals or chants.

Inner change takes work, it takes effort, and it takes time. When you do the Becoming Thin, Happy and Healthy Program, daily you will work on change. You will have to learn to trust yourself, Carlene and the others in the program. You will have to investigate what holds you back, find your true motivations, and work on all aspects of your life.

We aren’t just our weight. There is so much more to each and every one of us. Until you can prioritize your health and happiness at the same level of your family and career you will struggle to make the right choices that push you toward the woman you want to be.


Then go through the website and see if this type of thinking and change could help you where nothing has before.

Members lose weight at a steady rate with a diet and exercise program of their choice.

For years, Carlene has taught her clients we have to fight the fat brain to win the war on our constant battle with our weight.  Now, she knows that fighting doesn’t work because as dieters we weary of the fight and instead prefer to return to our old habits and food.

Thin Brain Training is the way to go. For long term success, we need to work on how to up your desire to take care of ourselves, to honor our bodies regardless of our metabolism or health. To forgive our bodies for not being like our thin healthy friends and then to forgive ourselves for the abuse, neglect and resentment we have shown our bodies.

At Thin Brain Training, we work on elevating our self. Of finding happiness in our lives so when we make choices regarding our health, we make good choices from a place of self-care rather than from self-anger and disappointment.

Carlene is a pragmatic person and in the past has been a very effective drill sergeant in her coaching. Now she believes this approach doesn’t work for most and that when you place restrictions in your life all you want to do is rebel.

Thin Brain Training is all about choice. You choose what diet you want to do. How fast you want to lose. What rules to put in place in your life.

Carlene believes if we can up our happiness level in our daily lives, it allows us to make better healthier choices without all the drama. Instead of feeling we live in a world of deprivation to be healthy, we can come from a place of preferring healthy so it’s not a chore to lose weight, it’s just a natural process that comes from making choices that make us feel good.

What You Get
  • First week is orientation.
  • Accountability With Carlene
  • New/Fresh Audios from Carlene every Mon-Fri
  • New Group discussion every Mon-Fri
  • Daily access to Carlene via email
  • Weigh in with Carlene every Monday and Thursday
  • Optional tweaking of diet with Carlene as needed
  • Work in your time table. Nothing is scheduled. We do all our work on-line.
  • There are no audios or group discussions on weekends as history has shown few show up for them and it gives Carlene time for herself and family.

Daily We Work on Ourselves

Unfortunately, weight loss for most of us is an all or nothing deal. We either diet or we don’t. Our goal here is to live our lives and recognize that what we eat and how we exercise are just two aspects of who we are. We work on us as a whole. That includes things like procrastination, feeling overwhelmed, hating life, dealing with others and finding our niche in life. We need our health to be whole, so food and exercise are important. That is why we work on weaving healthy choices into our daily life so our weight loss is not an extra burden but just another important aspect of caring for ourselves and others.

In our program we work on:

  • Creating new healthy habits.
  • Breaking old unhealthy habits.
  • Managing stress and emotions without using food to sedate us or fill some void.
  • Dealing with people who push food on us.
  • Exposing our standard list of excuses for what they are.
  • Finding the truth about the diet we as an individual can do long term with success.
  • Learning to appreciate ourselves and prioritize our health in our busy chaotic lives.
  • Learn to give up perfectionism and accept the fact that mistakes are learning opportunities and not end game moments.
  • Losing weight at a steady pace so we can take the time to train our thin brain for a lifetime of thin and healthy.
  • Exposing all the whys behind our inability to not just lose weight but to keep it off once we do.
  • Clearing the path of success from all the pain, hurts, and fears that have tripped us up over the years.

Carlene has worked with women for years on that whole quick fix idea, and it just doesn't work. While Carlene can show you how to lose 50 lbs in 3 months, what good is that if you gain it back in the next 6 months?

Carlene lost 136 lbs in 9 months on a low fat, low sodium, low sugar raw food diet back in 2005. That is where Raw Food Boot Camp came from. And while she still believes that obese women benefit from fast weight loss with this same diet, she also knows that for most by the time they hit 60 or 70 lbs gone, in just months, they are burned out and disappear. What good was that fast weight loss?

Others have signed up for her fast weight loss programs and within a week disappeared because while it was all spelled out for them, they weren't prepared to live on such a restrictive diet. They wanted what the women in all those before and afters had, but they didn't want to work that hard for it. And trust me, for most it was very hard.

Carlene is a Healthist/Happiest. Meaning she eats to be healthy and happy.

Health is what she cares about when it comes to proper weight loss and there are two sides to health. There is the physical side and there is the mental side. Sure a low fat, low sodium, low sugar raw food diet gives fast weight loss with lots of health benefits. Meanwhile, if it makes you miserable and all you think about each day is all the food you aren't getting to eat, it isn't the right diet for you.

You have to believe in and enjoy the diet you are doing for lifetime success.

Bring your diet, the one you believe you can live on for life and Carlene will help you tweak it for weight loss. But come with an open mind. You can't eat chips and candy and expect weight loss. If you have PCOS or sugar issues, you can't eat complex carbs and expect weight loss. If you have liver issues, living on a high-fat diet isn't right for you.

Carlene will always promote whole foods, lower sodium, lower sugar and healthy fats and proteins. In the end, though, it is always your choice how you lose your weight. She will guide you. She will support you. But she will never force you to eat other than the way you believe is best for you.

Carlene's programs here at Thin Brain Training are about creating and strengthening thin brain behaviors so you can be thin and enjoy your best health for life without all the struggle.

Diet Guidelines for Thin Brain Training

  • You bring your own diet and menu plans.
  • Calories minimum allowed 1000. Max 1400. Recommended 1200.  No starvation diets allowed.
  • Sodium max 1500 mg a day the recommended RDA for adults. Carlene recommends max of 1000 mg a day. Consistency in daily sodium is important for successful long term dieting.
  • No fasting except for occasional spiritual reasons.
  • No juicing or living on protein shakes or smoothies. We are looking for lifetime success not quick fixes.

What You Must Know About Carlene

Thin Brain Training Weight Loss Coach Carlene JonesCarlene is not a doctor, nurse, nutritionist or therapist. She has no professional training in any of these areas. She is a woman who lost weight on her own in 2005 and for the past 14 years has been helping other women do the same. All advice given is given as opinion from her experience dealing with the obese and the obese mindset and from her own life. It is your responsibility to monitor your health and well-being and seek professional advice as needed.