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Becoming The Me I Want to Be Program

Becoming the Me I Want to Be’s Next Start Date: Jan 2, 2020

Becoming the Me I Want to Be

Are you sick and tired of dieting? Of living a life overshadowed by your weight and food thoughts? Do you just want to live your life in peace, to excel and be happy?


Then join Carlene and work for inner change. This is not diet based. It’s all about wanting to change the core you when it comes to the choices you make. Everything we do is about finding peace with ourselves so making healthy choices becomes a given rather than a struggle.
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Every day we work on subtle changes as we learn to build the person we’ve always wanted to be. The person we knew was inside us but somehow we lost connection with.

Carlene believes if we work on ourselves and how we treat others, how we respond to life rather than reacting to it, we can achieve this goal of Becoming The Me I Want to Be.

Working on things like procrastination, becoming easily frustrated and angry, taking things too personally, believing the universe is out to get us, being over-anxious or stressed all the time, resenting our bodies and everything else that makes us feel overwhelmed and disempowered, is paramount to that core change.

When we are feeling good about our life, we automatically make smarter healthier choices. When we do start making healthier choices the weight will drop off on its own. Naturally without that day to day struggle.

The biggest win in all of this is not just the weight coming off, but because we have changed at the core, it will stay off. We get to shed the negativity of how we view ourselves. No more fat suit, no more fat brain. Just us living our own version of happily ever after.

Hear What Carlene Has to Say About Why Thin Brain Training Works Where a Life of Dieting Hasn’t


Next Start Date: Jan 2, 2020

Cost: $149 per month or $358 for 3 months (only for those who have worked with Carlene before).

There is a strict NO REFUND Policy

Location: Online at Thin Brain Training

Time: We have women from all over the world in many different time zones. We work in forums so you set your own time to participate.

Available Spots: 10 for each new 1st month start date.

Minimum Participants for program to be a go: 4

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Becoming the Me I Want to Be QuoteWhat You Get:

  • Monday thru Friday podcasts from Carlene
  • Monday thru Friday group work based on the podcast.
  • Private access to Carlene via email to work through issues too private to share with the group.
  • The first month you work with Carlene and other newbies on identifying who you want to be and how to get there.
  • After the first month, you join the others who have stayed for future months and we work on everything. Slow subtle changes that grow with each month your involved. At this point, the Me I Want to Be program becomes very intimate between Carlene and those who regularly participate. We will work on group and individual growth based on the participants’ needs.
  • After being in this program for 3 months and participating regularly, if you have made big strides in becoming the Me I Want to Be, if you have shown to be true team member and others see you as a mentor and motivator, you will have the ability to apply for a mentor position and earn your place in this program on a monthly basis free of charge. There will only be one or two mentorships available at a time, so mentors chosen is based on who Carlene feels agrees with or enhances what we are doing here and works well with others.
Work Daily With Carlene
New Start Every Monday Morning
$99 per Month

Requirements & A Deeper Understanding of this program:


  • You must be willing to participate every Monday thru Friday as long as you’re part of the program. If you have a vacation planned, or will be out of town during the first month, do not apply to this program. Carlene takes commitment seriously.
  • You must be open to being honest with everyone in the group. This is hard to do, so make sure you trust Carlene enough to be willing to put yourself out there, some. We don’t go deep into personal past pains, but we need to be honest about the impact they have had on our lives and how we can push them to the side and move forward.
  • You must be willing to work on methods to alleviate stress and anxiety in your life. Carlene is not a therapist, so all work done is based on what she has done in her own life and has learned from others. There is no psychoanalyzing, no brainwashing or trying to get you to buy into some philosophy or spiritual awareness, self-help or health crazed movement. It’s just about finding peace with the You You Want to Be and moving into a happier mindset full of positivity. No rainbow and roses, this is work.
  • You must accept that a month is not enough for life long changes, this program is a beginning. It is geared toward showing you how just upping your attitude toward self can help you change your life. My hope is you will continue with us until you feel great about yourself and what you’re doing. 
  • You must not be in a rush for weight loss. We have a different program for that. This program is about naturally losing weight in your time based on the choices you make. Become a thin brain thinker rather than a dieter. Living life in peace with how you eat and move your body, not because you have to but because you choose to.
  • You must be willing to meditate daily about yourself and the person you want to be.
  • You must be willing to do daily affirmations, daily.
  • You must be willing to stop any negative thoughts about yourself and even others and replace them with positive ones.
  • You must participate with the group regularly.
It is the last four items on the requirements list where we lost people our first time at this.
Some felt it too woo-woo.

Trust me, there is nothing woo-woo about me. I have never been able to meditate, to quiet my mind and become enlightened, but I can spend ten minutes in the morning and before I go to bed going through a list of what’s important to me and who I want to become as a person and as a thin brain coach.

Some felt the meditation, daily affirmations and group discussions were too much work

They didn’t want to put the 10 or 15 minutes a day it took to meditate on themselves and the lives they were creating. Overwriting the negative with positive was too hard. And they didn’t want to participate in discussions. It was too much work.

If that’s how you will feel, don’t apply for this program. We can’t change without work and practice.

Be Like Harry! Always searching. Always striving to know who you are and who you want to become.

Do you remember that magic mirror in the first Harry Potter book/movie? The Mirror of Erised? It showed the viewer their deepest desires.

That’s what we want to reflect on. Our greatest desire for ourselves. The Me I Want to Be!

Unlike Dumbldorf’s warning to Harry that men become lost in their desires, I’m telling you we need to always keep our desires in mind. We need a reason to change, to be healthy, to shine in our own lives. It’s when we lose sight of what’s really important we fall back on old easy unhealthy ways.

The Me I Want to Be program is all about knowing what we want for our lives and learning how to value ourselves enough to go out and get it, regardless of what it is. Weight loss, career, family, love. 

This is not just another self-help program!

Listen to Carlene Explain Why.

While Carlene can motivate you and hold you accountable, change takes hard work. The Who I Want to Be program is not a weekend rally or even month-long rally to excite you to a point of euphoria, it’s about subtle changes and facing the reality of who you want to be and your ability to get there.

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If your name is put on their contract as who they heard about us from and if they join either the Me I Want to Be or the Becoming Thin and Healthy in Body and Mind program, I will keep track of that and for every new to Carlene person who joins with your name as how they heard of us, I will send you a coupon code for 100% off your next membership fee.

If I’m going to pay people to get the word out about Thin Brain Training. I rather give it to you than Google or FaceBook.