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Surviving Thanksgiving Free Podcasts

Thanksgiving, the first big holiday here in the US and one that is so food and family-centric. For many it seems impossible to get through and just the idea of it makes us stress eat.

Getting through it or not sets the tone for the whole holiday season. If we fail at this then there’s no way we’ll get out of eating our way through the rest of the year.

Here are three podcasts I hope help set you up for success. They are just my opinions based on helping women and myself actually stick to our diets for maintaining our success without compromising the time with family and friends.

Eating to Maintain your Weight over Thanksgiving.

Yes Virginia, it can be done. It takes planning, an idea of how you want to see yourself the days after the holiday, and a talisman of sorts to remind you of that. Listen to the podcast for some tricks I’ve come up with over the years and some things to think about as you prepare for the upcoming day.


The Relatives!!

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone just got along? Good luck with that. There’s always the one or two people at a family get together that love to criticize, push buttons, or get loud and drunk and start arguments. I mean it’s family, right?

How is it we let holidays destroy our self-esteem, over stress us, and leave us talking and fuming for months?

Here are some tricks and tips I’ve come up with over the years to get through it unscathed.


Preventing The Day After Binges

So you made it through the day. You’re proud of how you handled it and you get on the scale and didn’t gain any weight. Life is great, right? Well, then why are the cravings so intense the first through third day after so much success?

Listen to me explain why it happens. It is a very common response to big success. I believe if we know it’s coming and prepare ourselves for it, it can be navigated with success.


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