I choose the flower Rafflesia Arnoldii to signify the three Ps. It’s the largest blooming flower on earth.

PatienceĀ it takes 9 months from setting the seed to it’s full bloom. Which lasts just one week.

Perseverance it smells like decaying meat, so it takes perseverance to be in its midst.

Practice because of how hard it is to grow. Even top botanical gardens can’t get this plant to bloom. You would have to traipse the Indonesian Rain Forest to maybe be lucky enough to catch one in bloom. But the true practice is for those who learn to spot it about to bloom so they can profit off showing it to others.

That’s how getting to goal always feels. We know it’s out there because others have found it, but we don’t have the patience, perseverance and even the practice of how to spot one about to bloom to catch a true sight for ourselves. But we can learn!